‘Mermaid’ helps fix pothole: Bengaluru artiste turns big crater into pond to grab civic bodies’ attention

Potholes woes are not new to Bengaluru. The conditions of the roads are so deplorable that it has even led to deaths of many people in this. And to gain the attention of authorities, local residents and artistes have been trying unusual ways so that needful measures are taken. Luckily, one such endeavour paid off, and authorities rushed to repair the road, thanks to a viral photo and an artist’s imagination.

A visual artiste Baadal Nanjundaswamy turned a giant city pothole into a magical pond and installed a mermaid! Yes, not a mannequin or statue, but he was helped in his innovative idea by Kannada actress Sonu Gowda. Dressed in a green outfit, the popular star was seen playfully splashing water sitting on the edge of the pond aka pothole. The huge crater-like pothole was filled with rainwater and the artiste turned into a mystic blue pond on Kamraj Road-Cubbon Road junction.

Source: Indian Express

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