Diabetes – Prevention and New Treatment

A new treatment that cures diabetes

Diabetes mellitus affects many younger generations in the current lifestyle. Diabetic patients are also increasing in numbers due to wrong lifestyles, wrong eating habits, and lack of exercise.

With proper healthy lifestyle and drugs, this diabetes can be controlled. We have some information to help the diabetic patients.

Researchers have created a number of smart artificial cells. Diabetes can be controlled without any pain and no needles. When these artificial cells increase glucose levels, it automatically insulin insulin in the blood.

How does it work?

These artificial beta cells (ABCs) act as the cells that are naturally insulin in our body and control the glucose level.

These cells help to type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. These artificial beta cells should be paid to the patient’s body. You have to reload a few days. It acts as a spin page with a painless removal.

These synthetic beta cells are controlled by the needle and control the blood sugar level in 5 days.

The next project of our research suggests that these cells can be researched by large animals and humans and find out the benefit of the cu quo from the University of North of California. Millions of people use insulin injections or mechanic pumps to control diabetes.

When you take medicines for sugar syrups, large molecules are destroyed by our arrhythmic enzymes and acids before our blood reaches our blood.

Hence the existing cutting methods do not automatically control the glucose level in the bloodstream. Only a handful of benefit can be achieved when transferring the pancreatic insulin cells.

These cells require more money, such as the supply of cells, etc. These pancreas are sometimes destroyed by our immune system cells. Thus North Carolina University says that these natural pancreas can replace beta cells with artificial beta cells.

These artificial beta cells have two types of lipid units, like normal cells. These cells are insulating valves that contain insulin. When the volume of glucose increases in volume, these valves are opened and the opening of its outer membranes is insulin.

For the first time, the procedure was shown by the medical researcher Shawwi Sen at the Goose Research Center. This procedure was shown during the display of the insulin valves opened to the effect of the glucose levels, and the secretion of insulin, as well as natural pancreas beta cells.

These synthetic beta cells have also been investigated to work quickly at the mice’s body through a Lab’s Test against glucose levels.

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