Mersal producer Hema Rukmani: ‘Vijay performed all the magic tricks himself, there’s no CGI’


Producer Hema Rukmani of Thenandal Studios Limited, is in the midst of spearheading a comprehensive promotional strategy for TSL’s 100th production Mersal — and tackling the various roadblocks that come up in the days before a film’s release. The producer sat down for a chat with

Firstpost about the last-minute issues surrounding the project, Vijay’s readiness to walk the extra mile, and director Atlee’s portrayal of women characters.

“Regardless of the budget of a film, we always go through this pre-release tension. It’s all part and parcel of the process. Just because it’s a big budget film, it’s magnified. The problem depends on how big the budget and the target is. Every producer faces hell and heaven before the film hits the screens. And, everybody is in touch with us; we are all friends and working towards it. Lakhs of people have put in their efforts for the film, and we have all their support,” Hema Rukmani told Firstpost.

Even if you hardly follow Tamil film industry, the odds are that you might have stumbled upon some of the promotional campaigns of Team Mersal . In fact, the film marks a lot of firsts for the southern film industry. Mersal is the first South Indian movie to trademark its title. It also has a character emoji curated by Twitter for various movie-related hashtags.



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