Mozilla launches new Firefox Quantum Browser for Android, iOS and Desktop

If you use the UC Browser on your smartphone, then you should know that the UC App Browser has been removed from the Google Play Store to run cheating campaigns, however, there is always a Google Chrome browser trusted, but if you Chrome has many options for Opera and Firefox if there are no large UI fans.

With Google of Alphabet Inc regained its position when the fault searches for the engine in theFirefox browser of the Mozilla Corporation in the United States and other regions, when the browser developer has received the Verizon Communication Inc. Yahoo had canceled their deal.

Speaking of Firefox, there are many mobile browsers for both Android and iOS, such asFirefox for Android Beta, Firefox Spotlight, Firefox Knightley and Firefox for IOS. Now, there has been added a new Firefox browser called theQuantum Firefox, which is twice as fast as Mozilla Firefox claims 6 months ago. The new browser is not available for Android and iOS devices, but it also runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops

Google confirmed this move, but reveal the revenue sharing rules of the multi-layered agreement, rejected with Mozilla. In Google‘s growth spending, a large investor is concerned with apps like Apple and Apple devices as the primary devices. of Apple Inc. The lack of Google Firefox seeks the provider will be on the desktop and mobile in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan, said Denle Dixon, the Chief Commercial and Legal Officer of Mozala.

The company claims that the Quantum is the largest update so far that this released Firefox 1.0 back in 2004, and this will come in the form of a lack search provider in Google America and Canada with Google to improve user experience and improvements . Speaking of search providers, Mozilla says that more than 60 pre-installs have been installed in more than 90 languages ​​in the Firefox Quantum.

Ms. Dixon said, ‘We believe there are opportunities to work with us, what is best for our brand, looking for quality for our website and providing a wide variety of content experience for our users. On the basis of the decision. ‘ And Verazon out of the search ‘

Former Yahoo director Marissa Mayer won a five-year contract with Mozilla in 2014 when Firefox and Google’s Chrome browsers battled users. According to data from Mozilla, Apple Inc and statistical analytics provider StatCounter with the Microsoft Corporation, the US Chrome Market Share has doubled to approximately 60%.

Yahoo paid Mozilla 375 million dollars in 2015 and said that according to the regulatory classification, 2019 this will pay at least one amount per year. Yahoo and Google intend to fill in placement fees by selling ads with search results and collecting valuable user data. Google said in October that the contract changes had raised 54% of such fees to 2.4 billion dollars in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, the new Firefox browser is available for download on Windows, Mac or Linux. The new look will be available soon on Android and iOS devices. More about the Quantum can be said, but at this time, you should stop reading and download the Quantum Firefox when it will make you happy.

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