Redirecting Ads In Chrome is Going To be Blocked By Google


Most of us would have come across these annoying redirecting Ads in Chrome. Now it’s time to stop this. Google has announced that this will be put to an end in 2018.


“Following on from features like Chrome’s pop-up blocker and autoplay protections, over the next few releases we’ll be rolling out three new protections designed to give users all the web has to offer, but without many of these types of unwanted behaviours,”Google Chrome Developer Relationsteam wrote in blog post late on Wednesday.
From January 2008, the sites with abusive experience f R om opening new windows will be prevented by Chrome’s pop-up blocker.

“We’ve found that this redirect often comes from third-party content embedded in the page, and the page author didn’t intend the redirect to happen at all,” the blog post stated.

One feedback Google gets to hear from most users is that a page unexpectedly navigates to a new page, for no reason.

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